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Dove of Peace by Sunlay Design

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normal Dove of Peace by Sunlay Design

Beijing studio [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
have designed a church for Ordos in Inner Mongolia, which has a plan
based on the profile of a bird in flight.

Called Dove of Peace, the hilltop church will be made of concrete and
incorporate a pool of water at one end of the terrace.

Apertures in the exterior walls create a play of light and shadows

More about Ordos on Dezeen:
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Here’s some more information from Sunlay Design:

Ordos Protestant Church
Located on top of a hill of Ordos, planned as a green open space for
the city, the project takes its inspiration from the topography of the

The surrounding landscape offers a strong contrast of colors and
depth, creating a rich changing background from day time to night time
for the church’s settlement.

It sets framed views of the church in a characterized landscape of
excavated rocks proper to a city like Ordos, in Inner Mongolia.

The scheme, named “Dove of Peace”, gives its metaphor and poetry to
the church by re-interpreting a contemporary and abstract silhouette of
the bird carrying a branch of Olive in its beak.

The Church has a concrete structure and uses white crepi finish for
its facades. Its dynamic shape follows the adjacent curved road that
crosses the site.

The dialogue between the outside and the inside space is emphasized
by the play of shadows and light that creates complexity and depth in
the reading of the space. Its elements are thought to reflect harmony
and tranquility in this place for prays and celebration.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Location: Ordos, China
Year of Design: 2009
Architect: Beijing Sunlay Design
Type: Public and Mixed-use
Client: Ordos City Planning Administration Bureau
From : dezeen.com

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Dove of Peace by Sunlay Design :: Comments


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Bài gửi on 2010-02-02, 20:11 by Milunice259

Không nhìn ra, cảm xúc gì thế?

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